Once you join the AMS Tennis programme you will have access to the Premier support which is delivered personally by Nino and his AMS team.

All our clients will be sent invitations to our online support through our webinar presentations. These presentations will take you through the programme step by step; it’s like having Nino and the AMS team in the same room as you.

The AMS webinar programme gives you the opportunity to watch all the presentations as many times as you need to, it also gives you the opportunity to ask Nino and the team questions directly and meet other AMS clients who are based all over the world.

Each week AMS will:

  • Host live presentations
  • Deliver recorded presentations of previous components
  • Schedule these to be screened at appropriate time zones around the world

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By offering webinars at no extra cost it adds an exciting dimension to the valuable AMS programme, it means you are not on your own. Nino and the team will guide you through the programme and support you in your quest to attain your performance expectations, whether that is to become a better club, regional, international or world class touring player.

Nino will initially guide you through:

  • How to use the Website
  • The AMS Key to Tennis Success
  • And very valuable areas such as movement, strength and conditioning, mental skills, sports nutrition, Skills and drills and much, much more.

The aim of the programme is to help you work towards, becoming a more confident, stronger, faster and more powerful tennis player, let’s work together and go on an exciting journey, the AMS team is here to help you every step of the way.

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