AMS in action

The AMS Key to Tennis Success

AMS is a Comprehensive Performance Programme built around three steps designed to improve
your tennis. The Athlete Management System is easy to use online resource which will improve every aspect of your game.

  1. Step 1. Identify Your Player Level
  2. Step 2. Check Out The Areas You Need to Add
  3. Step 3. Add Them To The Current Programme

The AMS Programme covers every aspect of your tennis development from creating a unique training programme built around your individual needs to eating the right food in order to maximise performance, because delivering tennis success is down to more than just hitting tennis balls.

Create a Lifestyle primed for success

Tennis Coach Nino Severino and his team have looked at every aspect of the game and created a comprehensive programme that not only covers the tennis skills and drills needed to perform on court, but also covers areas such as mental skills, decisions making, injury prevention and teamwork.

The Results Speak For Themselves

Here's what was said about Nino Severino by *Nigel Sears former coach to Ana Ivanovic (Former World No.1 and Grand Slam Champion):

"Nino has done a tremendous job as coach/mentor. Working one on one on the tour is an intense business and he handles it very well? he is always open to advice when it is given and he takes his role very seriously? the results speak for themselves".

100's of athletes have benefited from AMS, winning regional, national, European and world titles and medals. Athletes such as Elena Baltacha who considered retirement just before meeting Nino Severino. Nino has a reputation for turning athletes lives around, when he started to coach Elena she was ranked 160 in the world and one step away from retirement. Last year Elena achieved 3 top 10 wins, beat the reigning French Open Grand Slam Champion and made the top 50 for the first time in her career at the age of 26.

"I owe this amazing turn around to the AMS methods of training, I thought my dreams of being a WTA Tour player and competing against the best players in the world on a week to week basis were over. I even planned to retire and had a job set up to coach at a local tennis club, I'm so glad I found AMS, I am finally living my dream?.

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*In no way, shape or form are Nigel Sears or Ana Ivanovic connected with, or uses, AMS.

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