AMS 1 to 1

AMS 1 to 1 is a bespoke service we offer for aspiring tennis players, their parents and coaches. The 1 to 1 support is delivered personally by Nino who designs the support specifically around the personal needs of the player, parent and coaches.

It begins with an in-depth online meeting where Nino will collect all the information he needs about the player to ensure that he is in a position to deliver the advice, knowledge, and training programmes which have dramatically changed 100’s of athlete’s performance lives.

Nino will create an online performance file which will house all the methods and principles that he has developed over decades of elite coaching; all these programmes can be easily accessed by you and applied.

Nino will ensure that no stone is left unturned in terms of addressing the components of training which can have a dramatic effect on the mental skills of the player which will put them in a great place to develop their movement, speed, strength and power around the court.

Nino and coaches

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